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Sant Kee Chaal

by Wah!

O Child, this is your mother's blessing - that you may not forget God even for a moment and that you may ever worship the Lord of the Universe.
Meditation 06:03
Meditation, Whole Creation is the relation between God and man. the whole creation, this entire creation all creation known thru meditation. Jinee Naam Dhiaaeea Gai masakat Gal, Nanak te mukh ujale ketee chutee naal. Wind and Sun, Moon and light is the delight of meditation. Flow of life, glow of life, the meditative mind which is effective, meditation, revelation, liberation. Meditate, this is the destiny, it is now, between you and now. Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! Between you and your destiny. Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! The source of success, the self-blessed, Young and the youth, simple and smooth is a meditation. It's Gods meditation. Jinee Naam Dhiaaeea Gai masakat Gal, Nanak te mukh ujale ketee chutee naal. Those who have meditated on God have gone thru the self-exaltation, Nanak they are bountiful and beautiful. Gods Meditation, Gods Revelation.
The Divine Teacher is my mother, The Divine Teacher is my father. The Divine Teacher is my Swami, and the Highest Being.
Conquering Lord of mine, all victory is Thine. Inside of me is ecstasy. Every cell of mine is filled with love and light: Trinity dancing!


All the lyrics except 'Meditation', 'Har Har Wahe Guru Blissful' & 'In the Lap of Guru Ram Das' are selections from the 'Siri Guru Granth Sahib', which is the living teacher of the Sikhs. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is a 1,430 page compilation of spiritual poetry written by spiritual contemporaries of the 14th & 15th century India, who muse about life and their own efforts towards spiritual experience. It is written in musical form and the words transcend scripture, becoming a living entity, when embodied by reading or singing the words.
This album blends ancient rhythms and Eastern traditions with Western instruments, initiatin ght listener into a world of uplifting spirit-filled music. Wah! (Wahe Guru Kaur) delivers a pure and natural sound current which goes straight to the soul.


released November 10, 1996

Vocals & Music: Wah! Wahe Guru Kaur
Music, Arrangements, Keyboards, Acoustic guitar: GuruPrem Singh Khalsa
Keyboards: Jon Strider
Viola: Novi Novog
Guitars & Electric Guitar: Kirk Margo
Percussion & Drums: Bryan Celano
Acoustic Bass Guitar: Kenny Moore
Keyboards on 'Meditation': Steven E. Trytten
Accordian, KeyBoards, Bass on 'Har Har Wahe Guru Blissful': David Langley Hamilton


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Simran & GuruPrem Los Angeles, California

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