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The Heart Rules

by Simran & GuruPrem

Life and living, loving and kissing, Hearts beating away Breath and breathing Emotions and feelings have something to say Communication. Exaltation. Rain and rainbows, winters and white snows Spring and the sprouts, Long summer droughts, death and goodbyes, Earth and blue skies, horizons and rising of the sun Violence and fire of the gun, These are all communications. Depressive and sorry; aggressive and in a hurry Anger and trauma, stuck in the drama, Words spoken in haste, can’t keep up the pace, lost in the race. Deprive the life or enjoy it, be exalted; employ it These are all communication for ultimate exaltation. Go by commotion and limited motion, you’re caught up in fate, But live as you’re destined, surrender the tension, the healing’s in place So call on his Grace And follow the Faith.
In the walk of life, in the dance of life, we all kiss the praanic breath. In the total surroundings of our wonderful world we are born to find our depth. There’s a calling and it is time to awake from the rhythm of me and mine There’s a light shining bright throughout all God’s space and to all by his Grace. Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru We have to walk on the path of the Self to find our own Grace Our inner love, a feeling in feelings, and the knowledge of the entire universe But I also know that love is the power. It’s the Guru’s blessing and God’s merciful shower, In joy we are happy, in sadness we find it, in bliss we enjoy it, with courage we grind it. Small atoms move in their trinity dancing, love is the power, Infinite beauty romancing.
Chattr Chakkr vartee, chattr chakkr bhugatay Suyumbhav subhang, sarab daa sarab jugatay, Dukaalag pranaasee, dayaalang saroopay Sadaa ang sangay, abhangang bibhootay. Translation: Thou art pervading in all the four quarters of the Universe, Thou art the Enjoyer in all the four quarters of the Universe, Thou art Self-illumined and united with all, Destroyer of bad times, embodiment of mercy, Thou art ever within us Thou art the everlasting Giver of undestroyable power.
Meditation 07:31
One day when you become soft like wax, then my thread of life will pass through you, And, out of the accident of the warmth of my heart, One end will get lit and you will burn Slowly melting in the heart of the flame. And when you will reach the end, you will find God waiting for you, To embrace you into His Infinity. Meditation: whole creation is the relation between God and man. The whole creation, this entire creation, God’s revelation, known through meditation. *Jinee Naam dhiaaiaa gay masakat ghaal Naanak tay mukh ujalay kaytee chhutee naal Wind and sun, moon and light is the delight of meditation, Flow of life, glow of life: the meditative mind which is reflective. Meditation. Revelation. Liberation. The source of success, the self blessed, Young and the youth, simple and smooth, is a meditation, It’s all God’s Meditation. Those who have meditated on God have gone through the self-exaltation, Nanak they are bountiful and beautiful. God’s meditation. God’s revelation. *Translation: When those who meditate on the Name of God depart after working by the sweat of their brow, Nanak, their faces are radiant in God’s court and others are guided by their light.
Rakhay rakhanahaar aap ubaarian Guru ke pairee paa-ay kaaj savaarian Hoa aap dayaal manaho naa(n) visaari-an Saadh janaa kai sang bhavjal taarian Saakat nindak dusht khin maaeh bidaarian Tis sahib kee tayk Naanak manai maaeh Jis simrat sukh hoay sagalay dookh jaaeh Translation: Oh, God. You save us all and take us across, uplifting and giving excellence. You gave us the touch of the lotus feet of the Guru, and all our jobs are done with perfection. You have become merciful, kind, and compassionate; and so our mind does not forget You. In the company of the holy, you take us from misfortune and calamities, scandal and disrepute. That great Lord is my anchor. Nanak keep Him firmly in my mind. By meditating and repeating his Name, all happiness comes and all sorrows and pain go away.
Guru, Guru, Wahhay Guru Guru Ram Das Guru
His Kindness 04:54
His kindness has given you jewels to wear, Why hesitate to cherish Him in your heart? His kindness gives you horses and elephants to ride. Never forget such a Lord, oh, my mind. Never forget such a Lord. His kindness gives you land, gardens, and wealth. Let His Name be eternally woven into the texture of your heart. Keep Him ever in your mind as you sit and go about, For He it is who molded your being, The One incomprehensible Lord, Who preserves you here and here after.
Every Heartbeat is God’s Name to me, Every breath of life is ecstasy Every night is a bliss to me, And I awake in Your company The dawn plays a symphony, revealing reality Chorus: Every life is a living God to me, everything is God’s personality Every kiss is God’s romance to me; and every love is God’s originality. Ad Such Jugad Such Haibay Such Nanak Hoseebay Such I hear and see and speak of you, Each breath reveals this universal truth From the past and future and now it shall be, with thy name I dwell in you eternally. Chorus In me with every beat of my heart I feel the presence of you And in me with every breath you impart I’m in the rhythm with you, In me from the sounds that I hear I play the music of you And in me through your words you are here so I sing the glory of you. Every heartbeat is God’s Name to me, Every breath of life is ecstasy In a breeze I feel you touching me, In every face I see you looking at me By your grace I’m in harmony, living reality Chorus 3 times
Sat Narayan 07:33
Sat Naaraayan Wha-hay guroo, Haree Naaraayan Sat Naam, Sat Naaraayan Wha-hay guroo, Haree Naaraayan Sat Naam. Translation: Infinite Truth, You are my Sustainer. Great is Your wisdom. Creator and Sustainer, you are my True identity.
You can learn how to stand straight in ecstasy from a tree You can understand to constantly flow with beauty from a brook You can learn how to flow with majesty from a river You can learn how the humble can become mighty from the wind You can learn how the mighty can become beautiful, bountiful and lov- ing from the breeze You can learn from the cat how to be clean You can learn from the dog how to be faithful You can learn from the fish how to swim across the ocean You can leatn how to stand straight in ecstasy from a tree You can understand to constantly flow with beauty from a brook You can learn from the bird how to fly how to fly so high You can learn reality from the holy name of God You can learn dignity from deep trust in God You can learn peace of mind from the steady shining sun


Mantras and songs to heal the heart.


released November 16, 2011

Vocals: GuruPrem, Simran & Krishan
Backup Vocals: Simran, Krishan & GuruPrem
Guitar: Jerry West
Guitar: Pat Tinney
Guitar, Piano, Keyboard & Bass: GuruPrem
Dobro: Luis Oliart
Bass: Ian Walker
Bass: Ed Lucy
Bass: Verdeen White
Keyboards: Krishan, GuruPrem
Drums & Percussion: Krishan
Accordian: David Langley Hamilton
Additional Piano: Sean Coleman
Guitar: Kirk Margo
Violin: Wahe Guru Kaur
Percussion: Brian Celano
Percussion & Vibraphone: John Fitzgerald
Tabla: Harimandirjot

Composed & Arranged by GuruPrem
Produced & Arranged by Krishan

Mastered by Seva at Soundcurrent Mastering


all rights reserved



Simran & GuruPrem Los Angeles, California

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