from Love Life by Simran & GuruPrem



For True Love


You have not my body, but I can feel in your vibration we are one
You have not my eyes, but I can see in your eyes clearly who I am

I am the soul of the Lord, adrift upon the sea of Maya
Lifetimes I have longed for you, fellow traveler who once was identical to me
Try as I might, I could not find my rest, feeling the waves of desire compelling me

I shall be bound, I shall be bound, I shall be bound to joy in love with you
Take my hand, as your own hand, Take my life as your own life,
Forgive the time when I regress dwelling in the past
Patience for the times when I forget, these things shall pass
And thankful for the times we met, not knowing why

Two hearts One Soul
Two lives One Life
Two Hearts One Love to Live


from Love Life, released November 20, 2014
Simran - Lead & Background Vocals
Randy Emata - Grand Piano & Background Vocals
James Harrah - Acoustic Guitars
Lisa Liu - Violins
Guruprem & LaKeisha Mondy - Background Vocals


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